Sink 1000 CN

The Comandulli Sink 1000 Machine is designed for the processing countertop, . The Sink 1000 can perform any type of cut or polished sink. Equipt with a 13 position tool changer for milling, drilling, bas-relief and engraving. The machine is designed for easy to use, maximim bowl hole producitivy with a minimal footprint and investment.

Comandulli is the industrial leader for straight line stone edge polishing machines in the world. We are proud to unveil the Sink 1000 Machine for shape edge polishing(sinks). The Sink 1000 machine works intuitively with the operator of the machine. Simple User friendly software, to allow programming in just few 4 graphic steps, thus eliminating expensive programmers to operate the machine.. The structure is made completely of stainless steel, reinforced with internal ribs to add strength and it is coated in a high solid polyacrylic enamel to ensure long life and lasting quality consistently offered by Comandulli.. CNC Module for interpolating 4 axes X, Y, Y1 and Z simultaneously featuring CNC 8070 OL Fagor, Dual Processor, with high performance and a high-speed module, dynamic monitoring of tool wear, and a full digital on-line diagnostic system.


The unique features of Comandulli Sink 1000 CN machine

  • The Aluminum electro-spindle (S-Axis) has a power of 9.2 kw (S1) and an ideal rotation speed of 10,000 rpm. The machine is air cooled, and has high quality performance and features. It features stainless steel shaft with an aluminum cover case. The spindle is equipped with a pneumatic tool clamp ISO 40 and a fan for cleaning the tool holder cone.
  • The tool holder stock has 13 positions with automatic tool protection.
  • The bench is aluminum with a surface of 1800×1340 mm, that is built on a single floor to help ensure fast positioning and locking in of the slab by the powerful vacuum system.
  • The 3 axes X (1565 mm Travel) Y/Y1 (1000 mm Travel) Z (484 mm Travel) moves on ball bearing guides with revolving rack and pinion for high precision. Fast speed of 20 Mt/ min. Lubrication of the ball bearings and screws is managed by a central grease system.
  • The manual lubrication system consists of a proportional dosing unit that can lubricate all the parts subjected to friction (Guides, Racks, Ball Screws, Pinions)
  • The vacuum system is equipped with a decanting tank for cooling liquid, with a valve and sensor for empty and overflow level of liquids in the tank. The distribution manifold is made of aluminum and is complete with butterfly valves.
  • The cooling system for the tools, consists of two servo pneumatic diaphragm valves with water sensor on the spindle.
  • The machine is equipped also with frontal protections in front of the operator and anti-intrusion photocells at the rear side of the machine for added safety on the machine