Project Description

Conveyor belt machines VERTICALE Designed according to the up-to-date concepts and structural principles, the automatic multi-spindle vertical polishing machine model VERTICALE, is remarkable for its reliability and its performances on every kind of marble, granite and engineered stones. These features, together with the affordable price, make this machine the right choice for every shop.

The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine Omega 100

  • Steel structure, electrowelded, fully worked by milling machine.
  • All our machines are protected against corrosion through a modern treatment
    that follows different phases: sandblasting, metallization and painting The painted covers are subject to cataphoresis treatment, cartes in stainless steel.
  • Possibility of polishing the edges without the contrast bar, due to the special sliding system of the conveyor belt (a set of idle rollers is under the belt, guiding it in its proper grooves. In this way, the sliding friction becomes rolling friction) and the slab locking – by pneumatic pistons.
  • Oscillating operation of the edge polishing group by a lever system, original, patented, operated by hydraulic pistons electronically controlled. Oscillating mechanism, placed in its proper boxes, oil bath.
  • Hydraulic working of the motors for the edge polishing.
  • Each spindle is independent.
  • Possibility of polishing straight edges on slabs of different thickness, one after the other.
  • Water collection tank equipped with two lateral outlets.
  • New hydraulic unit for substantial energy savings.
  • Colour touch screen 8”
  • Possibility to set the belt speed from control panel.
  • New program to create and polish conic bevels.


Here we show you our concept of completeness.

  • Calibrator/gauging.
  • Automatic bevelling spindles (pre-cut).
  • Series of spindles for the edge (the first with diamond wheel generating the bullnose profile with automatic positioning).
  • Series of bevelling spindles.
  • Spindle for lower / upper groove.
  • Extendible bar to support pieces of big dimensions.
  • Rollers for material loading/unloading


There is always enough room for some further desires.

  • Motorized positioning of calibrator, lower / upper groove units.
  • Vertical spindle for calibrated strip polishing.
  • Vertical spindle for bushhammering of the slab surface.
  • Opposite upper groove spindle (double upper groove).
  • Horizontal calibrating spindle
  • Centralized automatic lubrication system.
  • Bevelling spindles with the possibility of horizontal positioning in addition to the straight edge polishing.

The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine VERTICALE

Electronic system that controls the advancement and the rotation of the spindles
Conveyor belt width 215mm; operated by a manual variable-speed drive, power 1,1Kw.
Work-piece locking by independent pistons.
Control panel with a small displayed keyboard, latest-generation electronics that allows in a very simple and intuitive way, to program in automatic mode the intervention (even partial) of every single unit. Pneumatic adjustments set on the front part of the machine, at the material entrance.
Main structure body machine has been sandblasted then applied a special epoxy antioxidants coating, at the end painted.
To prevent the machinery from rust, its structure and main parts are metallized through a modern treatment that follows different phases: sandblasting, metallization with zinc wire, priming coat with zinc phosphate epoxy product and final painting with high solid polyacrylic enamel. The painted covers are subject to cataphoresis treatment which follows different phases: degreasing of the piece, spry or dipping pre-treatment, electroplating bath which uses the electric power to plate the paint as to make a uniform skin, after-washing and furnace baking.
Manual lubrication.
Monolithic machine (made in one piece – excluding the rollers) that does not need foundations but can lay on the floor.


– Sery of polishing spindles for straight edges
– Sery of bevelling spindles at 45°
– Multifunction spindle equipped with disc diameter 250mm with possibility to tilt manually at 90°.
– Roller table


– Spindle equipped with disc to cut grooves
– Floating system


When our engineers and technicians compete with each other they outdo themselves, and you are the winners. By developing superior machines, able to process various working processes at the highest quality level, we help you to satisfy the many different requirements of your customers and satisfy your creativity, by giving you the possibility to extend your business.