Project Description

Electronic bridge sawing machine The perfect balance between compactness and effectiveness. Storm is an automatic bridge saw with monobloc structure which does not require any foundation, head rotating up to 330° and tilting up to up to 46° (option 90°). An extremely simple and versatile bridge saw, suitable for cutting slabs of marble, granite, stone and agglomerates with performances levels able to satisfy both the artisan workshops and the medium-sized stone processing industries.

The unique features of Comandulli Storm CNC machine

  • The main structure of the machine (bridge, shoulders, table, holding disc carriage) is made of electro-welded steel, effectively protected from the corrosion by means of a treatment cycle including sandblasting, metallization and painting; it is equipped with a 15 Kw electro-spindle which holds a diamond disc with maximum diameter 625 mm; the disc is protected by a cover.
  • The holding disc spindle moves along the bridge (X axis) on recirculating balls linear guides lubricated with grease and effectively protected. The movement is obtained by a motoreducer with mechanism pinion/rack controlled by a brushless motor with variable speed.
  • The bridge (Y axis) moves onto rails by means of ball rollers immersed in oil which are suitably protected; the movement is obtained by a motoreducer with pinion/rack mechanism controlled by a brushless motor with variable speed.
  • The holding disc spindle has a vertical stroke (Z axis) of 320mm (option 400 mm); the movement is obtained by a motoreducer with a recirculating balls screw mechanism, sliding onto chromate guides.
  • The disc holding spindle is able to rotate of -90°/+365° (A axis). The movement is obtained by a zero play precise motoreducer, operated by a brushless motor with variable speed.
  • The diamond disc can manually tilt up to 46° for making sloping cuts (option 90°).
  • The table is tilting by means of 2 big size pneumatic pistons, and it is covered by a slab of marine wood.
  • The electrical cabinet is positioned on the right side of the machine structure, at the ground level.
  • The hanging control panel is positioned on the right side of the machine structure.
  • It includes the complete set of commands to run the machine in automatic or manual mode, and it has a colour touch screen technology with visualized diagnostic by means of photographs.
  • Numeric control module that allows to interpolate the 5 axes A. B, X, Y and Z to realise shapes and profiles from CAD CAM.
  • The machine is equipped with a linear laser for the alignment of the stone pieces and indication of the cut; the laser is mounted on the holding disc structure and moves in conjunction with it.
  • Sliding doors for the operator safety


There is always enough room for some further desires.

  • Frequency adapter (inverter) for the disc holding spindle, it allows the use of discs in the range of 400 mm – 625 mm optimising the rotation speed;
  • Electronic device and related software for the execution of the spatulation process on profiles;
  • Camera to import the slab outline and the defects, complete with parametric software to position on video the pieces on which execute straight and curved cuts, automatic managing of the working sequence.
Carriage run (axis x) mm 3600 (3840) 3600 (3840) 4100
Trasversal run (axis y) mm 2200 (2700) 2200 (2700) 2200 (2700)
Vertical stroke (axis z) mm 400 500 600
Tilting head (axis A) ° 455°(-90/+365°) 455°(-90/+365°) 455°(-90/+365°)
Table dimension mm 3500×2100 (3800×2100) 3500×2100 (3800×2100) 4000×2100
Tilting table ° 0÷90° 0÷90° 0÷90°
Blade diameter mm 400÷625 400÷750 400÷825
Spindle power kw 17,6 (S6) 17,6 (S6) 26,5 (S6)
Blade harbor mm 50 50 50
Flange diameter mm 215 215 248
Blade RPM g/1’ 50÷3.000 50÷3.000 50÷3.000
Max feed (axes X-Y) m/1’ 0÷35 0÷35 0÷35
Max feed Z  (axes Z) m/1’ 0÷3,5 0÷3,5 0÷3,5
Total power installed kw 22 22 31
Weight kw ~ 4100 ~ 4900 ~ 5200


Spindle longitudinal stroke (X axis) mm 3600
Bridge transverse stroke (Y axis) mm 2200
Vertical stroke (Z axis) mm 320 (400)
Disc orientation (A axis) -90/+365°
Bench dimensions mm 3500×2100
Disc inclination 0÷46° (90°)
Disc diameter mm 400÷625
Spindle power kw 15
Disc shaft diameter mm 50
Flanges containing disc diameter mm 205
Disc rotation speed g/1 1450
Spindle movement speed (X-Y axes) m/1 0÷36
Spindle downwards speed (Z axis) m/1 0÷3
Maximum power installed kw 20
Machine weight kw ~ 4100