Project Description

  • Omega Pencil - Profiled and Flat Edges
  • Omega Pencil - Profiled and Flat Edges
  • Omega Pencil - Profiled and Flat Edges
  • Omega Pencil - Profiled and Flat Edges

Belt Edge Polishing Machine for marble, granite, engineered quartz stones and ceramic for straight edges and bullnose profiles.

The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine Omega Pencil

  • Electronic system that controls the advancement, the rotation, the descent of the holding slab pistons, only when the slab passes

  • Conveyor belt driven on a set of idle rollers, with automatic setting from control panel

  • Work-piece locking by pneumatic pistons.

  • Possibility of working without contrast bar thanks to the special sliding system of the conveyor belt on a set of idle roller guided in its proper grooves and thanks to special slab locking through independent pneumatic pistons.

  • Pneumatic excluding devices for every single head with possibility of adjusting every pressure; showed by every single manometer.

  • Main protection covers in stainless steel.

  • Sandblast painted base with epoxy bottom.

  • To prevent rusting of machine, the structure and the main components are metallized using a modern treatment composed of several phases: sandblasting, metallizing with zinc wires, epoxy paint with zinc phosphate, and final paint coat with polyacrylic polish. The covers are in durable stainless steel. All other metal sheets on the machine have been treated by cataphoresis in sequence they have gone through a degreasing bath, a pre-treatment full immersion, an electroplated bath that uses power to lay paint creating a uniform and consistent film after the rinsing is complete, it is then all baked and sealed in an oven.

  • Water tank with lateral outlets.

  • Manual lubrication.

  • Monolithic machine (made in one piece – excluding the rollers) that does not need foundations but can lay on the floor

Loading table height mm 950
Belt speed m/1′ 0÷3
Abrasive wheels diameter mm 130÷150
Calibrating wheel diameter mm 260
Generating wheel diameter mm 130
Diameter of the disc for upper/lower groove mm 260
Max. power used kw 48
Water requirement approx. l/1’ 180
Air requirement approx. l/1’ 250
Weight kg 7000

Possible Workings:

  • Calibrating (max calibrated strip: 50 mm);
  • Straight edge polishing;
  • Bullnose profiling and polishing;
  • Precise and calibrated upper and lower bevels;
  • Partial works;
  • Polishing different thicknesses on flat edges at the same time
  • Pencil Round

Working Dimensions:

  • Thickness straight edge 10÷60mm
  • Bullnose 20÷60mm
  • Minimum width 200 mm
  • Maximum width 1500mm (support bar closed)
  • Maximum width 3000mm (support bar open)