Hercules Multi TP Very versatile machines able to work single pieces or small series of pieces; they allow you to obtain a very good quality on every type of straight and round edge. Suitable for FURNISHING and MONUMENTS, they can be used in high-quality BUILDING field as well, with a middle/high production. Automatic fixed bench edge polisher with moving spindle holding carriage. Carriage equipped with four planetary spindles to polish the flat edge and with four 45° spindles (two upper and two lower ones) to make and polish bevels.


The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine Hercules Multi TP

  • Carriage: fitted with four planetary heads suitable for polishing straight edges and with four 45°-heads (two upper and two lower heads) suitable for bevel-shaping and polishing
  • Automatic device capable of self-learning the position and the length of the piece (or pieces) being processed
  • Bench: fitted with a pneumatic table for piece-loading and positioning (bearing capacity: 2400 kg) and with four sets of rollers moving in all directions
  • Sets of pneumatic slab holders to lock in place the piece being processed on the said bench
  • Squares for piece-alignment
  • Electronic equipments: allowing for spindle usage in different manners: more runs for each single spindle or only one run with automatic operation of all spindles at the same time
  • Machine operation is keypad-controlled and relevant functions are displayed on screen so as to enable a quick and user-friendly choice of the working programs
  • The machine handing software also allows for an easy change of all automatic device working parameters
  • Self-diagnostic software
  • Electronic centralized lubrification unit


On request it is possible to supply the machine with:

  • 5 planetary spindles
  • 6 45° spindles for bevels
  • Working length longer than standard one up to 20 m max.

Technical Data



Slab thickness range


10 ÷ 300

Carriage traverse speed


0 ÷ 20
Max. rated output


Overall dimensions
8,5 x 2,45 x 2,4


A constant challenge

When our engineers and technicians compete with each other they outdo themselves, and you are the winners. By developing superior machines, able to process various working processes at the highest quality level, we help you to satisfy the many different requirements of your customers and satisfy your creativity, by giving you the possibility to extend your business.